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In addition you can access a variety of fonts and programs likely to be of interest to Indologists. Functioning Windows executables are now once again available for many of these programs.

The high-quality OpenType “IndUni” fonts allow the representation of Indian-language (and similar) material in Roman script using the Unicode character set. The fonts contain all the accented characters that Indologists are likely to need, as well as all common European accented characters, and many others too.

Two Devanagari fonts are available. Nakula and Sahadeva are “twin” Devanagari fonts, which have been developed by IMRC, India, for the University of Cambridge. Both fonts are TrueType/OpenType, and are Unicode compliant. Both contain all the conjuncts and other ligatures (including Vedic accents) likely to be needed by Sanskritists. Nakula follows the Bombay style of Devanagari, with rounded glyphs and little thin/thick variation. Sahadeva is in the Calcutta style, with more angular glyphs and greater contrast between thin and thick strokes. The actual shapes of some of the glyphs (e.g. initial “a”, retroflex “ṇ”) also differ according to the style of the font.

John Smith's translation of the Mahābhārata is published by Penguin Classics. It is available from all really good bookshops and from Amazon, Flipkart, etc.